Free Resource of the Month


We’re excited to announce that, in partnership with various ministries, Malaysia Gospel will be offering our readers (in Malaysia) a free gospel resource every month to help you grow in Christ as well as point others to the gospel. This month, we partner with Explain International to offer 3 free lessons from their Beginners’ Biblical Greek Course to all new/existing subscribers.

Have you thought of reading and studying the New Testament in its original language? Explain International, in partnership with Malaysia Gospel, is now providing you with a series of lectures to help you begin your journey. This course will enable you to read the New Testament in Greek and help you understand the basic rules of the language.

This beginner’s course consists of 19 videos covering 10 topics:
1. The Greek Alphabet
2. The Greek Nouns (First Declension)
3. The Greek Nouns (Second Declension)
4. Perfect Verbs
5. Imperfect Verbs
6. Contract Verbs
7. Future Verbs
8. First Aorist Verbs
9. Second Aorist Verbs
10. Adjectives

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