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The Christmas Command: How should we respond to Christmas?

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How should we respond to Christmas? The Bible’s answer may be summed up by the word “worship.” One key word for “worship” in the New Testament refers to “the act of prostration in homage or reverence”. This act of service or devotion is rendered by rational creatures to God alone. But how should we view this exhortation in light of the Christmas season? How has Christmas added to our understanding of the worship of God?

Samuel Nesan

Christmas Message 2021: The Hope of Peace

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Many of us know the pain of fractured relationship all too well. We’ve just been through another difficult year of Covid-19 that has been full of social isolation...However, our fractured relationships have not just been caused by social isolation, but by painful conflict... As we approach this Christmas, we long for peace.

Tim Nicholls


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Andy Ng