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Apakah Itu Injil?

Injil adalah satu mesej daripada Alkitab tentang Tuhan dan Anak-Nya Yesus. Tentang kehidupan dan kematian, dan pilihan yang kita semua hadapi. Injil adalah berita baik tentang Yesus Kristus. Ianya mengenai siapa Dia dan apa yang Dia telah lakukan...

Sports for The Gospel

What were you doing on Friday, 23rd July 2021? On a typical Friday night, you may have caught up with friends, or relaxed with a movie. But on that Friday night, there’s a high chance you joined together with millions of spectators globally, mesmerized by the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games...

Lue Jun Yi

Seeing Suffering Differently: A Personal & Biblical Reflection

"I don’t understand. You serve God so fervently, why does God treat you this way?" I was asked this question some time back by a man who had recently become a Christian. His question was prompted by the suffering I was experiencing with my health. As a full-time ministry worker living with an ongoing illness...

Marianne Liaw