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Living by Plan or Living by Promise?

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If the last 2 years have taught us anything, it’s that our plans are fickle and fragile. Plans to study abroad, to change jobs, to move cities and even to marry have been crushed by a microscopic virus. When we stop and reflect, some of us might realise that even without this pandemic, life often isn’t...

Adam Ch'ng

Christian Unity

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In most societies, the majority is usually the stronger group while smaller groups are the weaker minority. In Romans 14 and 15 however, Paul shows us a gospel-centred model of unity, which contrasts strongly with how the world works. Gospel-centred unity is driven by love, pursues peace, and is sustained by hope...

Yee Siew Meng

The Colour of Forgiveness and Hope: CNY Message 2022

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After two years of pandemic, what a joy it is to be reunited with our loved ones again this Chinese New Year! As we do every year, we’re busy decorating our houses with red: red paper, red lanterns, red clothing, red firecrackers, and of course getting ready to hand our hong bao full of money to our loved ones. Why is the colour red so important to Chinese New Year? How can the colour red remind us of the lasting security and blessing we have in Christ?

Tim Nicholls