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Gospel Centrality: What are we really talking about?

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“Gospel-centred”. Perhaps you’ve heard that phrase thrown around in the last few years! Indeed, it’s language I myself have adopted, as I’ve exhorted my congregation. “Live a gospel-centred life!” “Let’s be a gospel-centred church!” But what do I mean by that? That’s something I’ve been pondering for a while now. After all, if I’m not clear what I mean...

Brian King

The Sacrifice of Christmas

The Sacrifice of Christmas

Selfishness is a very ugly part of human nature. Human beings have a fundamental focus on self. We want what will make me happy, often without consideration for others. But Christians are called to be very different. Not selfish, but selfless. Not self-serving, but sacrificial. At Christmas, Jesus provides the perfect example of humble, sacrificial service.

Tim Nicholls

Guarding Against Selfish Ambition

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“This is SPARTA!” This was the catch phrase uttered by King Leonidas as he took his heroic stand against the Persian invaders in the movie “300”. Since the movie’s release in 2006, his “gung ho” resistance and love for Sparta has spawned many imitations. People loved the film because of King Leonidas’ selfless sacrifice...

Gary Lee