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Christmas 2020: Light and Hope for a Dark World

For most of us 2020 has been a year like nothing that we have experienced before. A global pandemic, an economic crisis, a time of anxiety and uncertainty and isolation, and for some of us, a time of grief and despair. All of us have tried our best to adjust...

Tim Nicholls

God at Work (Part 2): The Practice of Work

In Part 1, we considered the purpose of work. We saw that work is good and given to humanity that we might feed ourselves. However, God’s judgement on human sin means that our work has become grim and futile. Christ redeems our work, giving us a new identity to live out...

Ryan Shuy

God at Work (Part 1): The Purpose of Work

Before making a big life investment, it is crucial that we clearly understand its purpose. In the case of work, we spend more than half our waking week – time and energy – on it. Our work is often a major factor in our life decisions and goal. Work promises many of the rewards we now crave, such as reputation, riches...

Ryan Shuy