We want to help you deepen your knowledge of the gospel as expounded throughout Scriptures. These articles have been compiled to spur your growth in your commitment to protect, proclaim and prioritize the gospel of Christ.

Disciple the Mind!

Disciple the Mind

The undiscipled mind is an open door for heresy and apostasy. I recently stumbled across a quote posted by a pastor on Facebook which said, “an ounce of testimony is often more helpful to hungry hearts than a pound of doctrinal teaching.” While it is unclear what the pastor was intending to communicate, the great divide between...

Samuel Nesan

Assurance & Atonement

Assurance & Atonement

“Before the Throne of God Above” is one of my favorite hymns. The second stanza starts with a rather common fear that Christians face: “when Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within.” Frequently, as Christians we have a deep sense of our moral failure that leads us to doubt whether we will be saved...

Hon Sir Neng

How We Chose Our Bible Translation

How We Chose Our Bible Translation

Most church plants enjoy the freedom of working with a blank canvas—the chance to create something out of nothing. In amongst building a launch team, hunting for a venue and raising funds are the less obvious but equally important tasks, tasks like choosing a Bible translation...

Adam Ch'ng

Believing in the Triune God

The Trinity

Whenever I share the gospel with a non-Christian, there is one question that they inevitably ask: Is Jesus God? The question comes because we say that Jesus was the perfect man who died on the cross for our sins. Yet we also say that Jesus was the Son of God...

Tim Nicholls

Christians Need to Hear the Gospel

Christians Need to Hear the Gospel

“The truth of the Gospel is the principle article of all Christian doctrine…. Most necessary is it that we know this article well, teach it to others, and beat it into their heads continually.” ~ Martin Luther. It may seem strange that Christians need to continually be reminded of the gospel...

Melisa Chong

福音 是什么?


如果有人问你,“基督徒相信的‘福音’,到底是什么意思?”,你会怎么回答呢? 我记得小时候,自己也有问过别人,‘福音’到底是什么?我得到的答复是:“福音就是 ‘耶稣爱你‘、’神要祝福你‘,‘我们可以上天堂’ ” 的好消息。有一些人也会告诉我: “福音是很深的学问,需要用生命体会,才会明白其中的奥秘...

Jeffri Chiam

The Homosexual Struggle & The Gospel

Homosexuality & The Gospel

Is Scripture Silent? In addressing the subject of homosexuality, I am reminded of the subtle words of the serpent to our mother Eve. The tempter began by asking “Did God actually say…?”. This question has been effective in misleading humanity following the fall of Adam and Eve...

Samuel Nesan

Sola Scriptura: Dulu dan Sekarang

Sola Scriptura

Bagi mereka yang peka akan sejarah Kristiani, sudah pastinya mereka akan menyedari bahawa hari ini, 31 Oktober, adalah hari yang bersejarah di dalam sejarah Kristiani. Ini adalah kerana hari ini ialah hari di mana umat Kristian Protestant seluruh dunia...

Wilston Trin

A call to Gospel-centrality amid COVID-19

Gospel-Centrality amid Covid-19

It has been almost 6 months into the COVID-19 outbreak that has ravaged the world. Over 7 million people have been infected. More than 400,000 have died. Millions are scraping the bottom of the barrel to put food on the table...

Ming Fei Lau

The “New Normal” and the Same Old Story: Evangelism in a Virtual World

Virtual Evangelism

“I just want to see my friends!” This was the frustrated—and completely understandable—cry from one of our teenagers as we entered another week of isolation with no clear end in sight. Although these friends had been chatting (and gaming) online, they knew it was a far cry from seeing each other...

Lionel Windsor

How to Choose A Church?

How to Choose a Church

There may be many reasons you’re looking for a church. Perhaps you’ve just believed the good news of Jesus Christ and are seeking to be obedient to Him by committing to a local church. Perhaps you are a Christian that is unsatisfied with your current church and are on the lookout for a new one. Perhaps you need to relocate...

Lee Zheng Yang

Biblical Theology: A Primer

Biblical Theology

After reading the title, you might be asking "Biblical theology? Shouldn't our theology be based on the Bible? Isn't this a redundant topic?" Of course, our theology is based on the God's revealed Word. In fact, all of our theology should be constructed from the Word and the Word alone. However...

Hon Sir Neng