We want to help you deepen your knowledge of the gospel as expounded throughout Scriptures. These articles have been compiled to spur your growth in your commitment to protect, proclaim and prioritize the gospel of Christ.

Thank God It’s Monday

As you head into work on Monday morning, how do you feel about your job? Do you feel that you are doing something significant? Or not? Even if you are doing something that feels worthwhile, many still find it hard to perceive the significance of our work for the kingdom of God...

Gary Lee

Called to Work?

Do you sometimes find yourself too obsessed with your job? Sometimes we are tempted to define ourselves by our work, allowing our status to be determined by the particular job we have. The thinking goes like this: the better paid the job, the better the status. Although as Christians, we may not care...

Gary Lee

Christmas 2020: Light and Hope for a Dark World

For most of us 2020 has been a year like nothing that we have experienced before. A global pandemic, an economic crisis, a time of anxiety and uncertainty and isolation, and for some of us, a time of grief and despair. All of us have tried our best to adjust...

Tim Nicholls

God at Work (Part 2): The Practice of Work

In Part 1, we considered the purpose of work. We saw that work is good and given to humanity that we might feed ourselves. However, God’s judgement on human sin means that our work has become grim and futile. Christ redeems our work, giving us a new identity to live out...

Ryan Shuy

God at Work (Part 1): The Purpose of Work

Before making a big life investment, it is crucial that we clearly understand its purpose. In the case of work, we spend more than half our waking week – time and energy – on it. Our work is often a major factor in our life decisions and goal. Work promises many of the rewards we now crave, such as reputation, riches...

Ryan Shuy

Why consider a Ministry Internship? (Part 3): Next Steps

So perhaps you’re considering vocational ministry but you’re unsure about the next steps. If you’re a young person like me, I believe that a ministry internship would be very beneficial. It’s a huge commitment, but like anything, huge commitments reap huge rewards. However, before you make your decision, here are two factors that you could consider...

Elliot Ku

Divine Impassibility (Part 1): A Passionless God

The doctrine of divine impassibility refers to the belief that God is passionless in himself and does not suffer. The Westminster Confession of Faith puts it this way: "There is but one only, living, and true God, who is infinite in being and perfection, a most pure spirit, invisible, without body, parts, or passions"...

Hon Sir Neng

Why consider a Ministry Internship? (Part 2): My Journey

Throughout my time in senior high school, I wrestled with the idea of whether or not I should consider being trained for pastoral ministry. I had the surprising desire to do so (I say surprising because growing up as a pastor’s kid and seeing the challenges, I vouched to never become a pastor)...

Elliot Ku

Why consider a Ministry Internship? (Part 1): The Need

Recently, I had the opportunity to be involved in some interviews to assess, test, and encourage applicants for our ministry internship program Gospel Lab for 2021-2022. Our vision is to train 10 full-time gospel workers over the next 10 years, because we are convinced that the gospel needs to go both deep and wide...

Elliot Ku

Loving our Government

This year has been an eventful year in politics, both locally and abroad. With the political situation around us constantly changing, what better time to reflect more on what the Bible says about governments and the way we relate to them. Paul addresses the subject in Romans 13...

Cassandra Chung


stop collecting shells

入行后,我一直享受过着这样的 ‘基督徒兼律师’ 的生活。不过,我的牧者和教会成员,时不时都会问我:“你有教导圣经的恩赐,何不考虑全职福音事工?”对于他们这样的邀请,我都是断然拒绝的(有时甚至觉得烦人)。我心想:“我在职场和教会中,都在为神服事,为什么要放弃法律呢?法律和福音,我一直都能鱼与熊掌地兼得啊… "

Jeffri Chiam

Pragmatism and Church Growth: Why It is Bad

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a new school of philosophy emerged called ‘pragmatism’. This school of philosophy taught that the truthfulness of any idea or concept is based on its utility rather than on objective truth. Pragmatism often asks ‘What works?’ rather than ‘What is right to do?’...

Wilston Trin